Monday, March 27, 2006

Overweight or undermath-ed?
Based on my two previous stints living abroad, I was looking forward to effortlessly dropping some pounds upon my arrival. Unfortunately, I failed to take into account a 30s metabolism and the insidious effects of cheap beer and pastries (fresh Rhubarb Danish: Breakfast of Champions). So after a month of German life and no evidence of a decreasing gut, I joined a gym. I weighed myself after a weekend in Brussels revolving around mussels, beer, waffles, and chocolate only to find that my weight had gone from a pre-Germany 160 to 168! Holy flurking schnitt – time to cut out the goodies. The worst part was that while I knew I hadn’t been eating healthfully, I also definitely hadn’t gotten 8 lbs of enjoyment out of my diet, either. Grrrrr. SO, 3 days of salad, cardio and no booze later, I re-weigh myself. A half-kilo less, but still only 71.5. As I did the mental math this time, though I was more careful – this works out to 157, not 167. I celebrated my newly-rediscovered math skills with a tasty gelato on the way home from a very brief workout.

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higgy said...

i don't worry about my weight anymore.... if it starts creeping up in pounds, i switch to the metric system, and presto, i'm super thin.