Wednesday, April 12, 2006

7 Years Bad What?

I've made sure to make contact with everyone in the group for toasts, since I was told to not do so was extremely rude in Germany. A few weeks back (bear with me, Casey), someone told me it was just 7 years bad luck, so I only made eye contact infrequently. Saturday night, someone noticed I didn't make eye contact & asked if I really wanted 7 years bad sex. Bad luck is one thing, but bad sex is something else entirely. So at the next bar I made an exaggerated effort to make eye contact with everyone, ending with my friend Ryan. Which prompted Clare to ask, "Are you worried about bad sex with Ryan?"
"Yeah, it only applies to the person you don't make eye contact with."

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Casey said...

Keep in mind, JT, that for one to have bad sex, one must first find a partner willing to engage in those sort of relations.

Or are you worried about carpal tunnel syndrome? In that case I understand, but I imagine that it might be a bit awkward to go running off in search of a mirror every time there is a toast.

Now that's an across-the-pond-and over-the-rhineland burn. Yes that may not make sense gramatically or geographically; do not blame me, for I have an American education.