Thursday, April 06, 2006

Want Some Sprite with That Beer?

Last month after an ultimate tournament, the team i picked up with went out for dinner. We got burgers (close to US burgers except you eat the burger AND the fries with fork & knife) and, of course, beer. In the beer section there was something called a Radler. When I asked, everyone talked about how refreshing it was, but only one guy was getting one (not a good sign with everyone also talking about how tired & thirsty they were). I took the plunge and it turns out it's just Sprite (or orange soda, depending on the bartender) and a lighter beer. It was refreshing, kind of like a Corona where the bartender shoved a whole lemon and a dash of sugar into the bottle. I drew the line at a Beerbowl, though. That is essentially sangria but with beer, not wine. It wasn't the actual contents that scared me off, but the idea that I'd have a giant bowl of it sitting in front of me.


Casey said...

I'm dissapointed.

Last month?

This is a blog, not a monthly digest, if it's not up to the minute then it's not blogworthy!

Also, I am dating possibly the most attractive candidate for a wife I've ever met.

Not that those two are remotely related, but I thought I'd brag.

That, and I'd like to see a cockblock attempted from half a world away.

cwemyss said...

Casey, he has agents everywhere that can take care of that duty.

pokey said...

If you go to the UK, a Shandy is the same thing as a Radler, and a Lager Top is a more manly version, where they just put a splash of lemonade (sprite) on top of a full beer.

Just wanted to help fill out your European beer-drinking vocabulary.

Karen Ebner said...

You may want to avoid ordering a latte also, as that it a slang word for 'hard on' in German.