Monday, May 22, 2006


As I may have ranted about before, belgian beer is fabulous. I say this knowing that none of my german friends are reading this, as this would be considered heretical (on a par with suggesting that the US outplayed Germany in the last World Cup). The sheer variety is unbelievable. Take all the types you've had at the Flying Saucer or other brew pub, and multiply it by the large interger of your choice. The bar pictured at left has 2500 brews available (most belgian, but not all). Of course, as your loyal scribe, it's my duty to experience as many of these as I can. After spending the weekend on a fact-drinking mission at an ultimate tournament in Arendonk (Flemish for "doesn't exist on any map or website"), I have several facts to report:

1. Hoegaarden isn't "HO-GARDEN" it's "HOO-GARDEN". And even then the bartenders have enough French in them to sniff at your pronounciation.
2. Duvel + Chimay Blue = Not the Best 1st Round Game Ever.
3. Kriek Belle-Vue is a tart 'n tasty cherry beer. Lindeman's Kriek beer is slightly sweeter than Big Red.
4. Kriek Gueze (almost rhymes with "ooze") is just really, really good. Too rich to drink much, but wow.
5. Bonus SAT prep! Budweiser is to Stella Artois as Stella Artois is to Grimbergen Blond.
6. Belgians having a different glass for each beer pretty much ruins my plan to steal a cool glass for each good beer I drink.

7. Even the best beer tastes horrible after brushing your teeth.

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