Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Hey, don't be offended -- the President said it. SO what, exactly, is the big deal? South Park had an episode where they said it 162 times -- about 8 per second (thank you, wikipedia). Let's be honest, we've all said it. I GUARANTEE every previous president said it (or the equivalent) at least once in his administration. You know FDR said it when he found out the bedrooms were on the second floor. Nixon swore like a drunken sailor on the tapes, and I'm betting JFK let slip more than a few F bombs while nailing Marilyn. Let's put this in perspective here. It's not like he misled the country into supporting an invasion of a sovreign nation, snorted coke, supported the use of torture and denial of human rights to prisoners of war, or exploited the deaths of thousands of americans to expand executive power to limits not seen since Andrew Jackson or ... wait, he did do all of those. And those were roundly supported by "moral" americans. I believe the term I need to describe people who are offended by 4 letters and not his actions: stupid mother f***ers.

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