Monday, September 11, 2006

Sign No. 17 It's Time for a Career Change

When you're an American talking head for an NFL show and the British guy on the show is more thoughtful, knowledgeable and insightful about the game you're broadcasting. C'mon! He's BRITISH! Same thing goes if there are Brits announcing soccer for US networks that can't at least hold their own with their American counterparts.

Watched the 2nd half of the Carolina-Atlanta game last night, and apparently Fox has decided to take their student interns from the summer & give them announcing jobs. I think it's spectacular. Of course, Fox (via Sky Sports) stuck with the game to the bitter end, not even breaking away for HIGHLIGHTS of at least 2 game-winning plays during the interminable last 2 minutes. Ugh.

The one bright spot is that the Sky Sports announcers do a MUCH better job of keeping fans apprised of the NFL fortunes of their favorite NFL Europe players. Anytime one of them did anything (or nothing) they'd remind you that "John Doe played for the Amsterdam Highrollers last season."

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