Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Solution to Soccer's Corruption Woes

Recent headlines of soccer have focused on Zidane, fixed matches in Italy & Brazil, and bribes to managers to get them to buy players at sketchy rates. I have the solution and it allows a legitimate fantasy-football aspect to the beautiful game.

Each team in a league gets instead of a salary cap, a bribery cap. This can go to anyone at anytime, with the two restrictions that the bribes a) MUST be paid and b) the recipient must be publicly identified within 24 hours of payment. Then fans could have fantasy leagues to pick out the best refs, players, agents, etc. to accrue money over the season as well as argue over which calls were paid and which ones weren't. An think of the fun when Man U and Chelsea BOTH pay off the same ref before a game. While there will still be other bribes going on, at least this will allow us all to enjoy the major ones. Of course, Bayern Munich will soon be griping that Milan and other Italian clubs have a higher Shadiness Cap level than they do...

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Anonymous said...

would the teams need to state what the monitary value of the bribe is? And what about bribes without specific monetary values such as sexual favors, etc?