Friday, November 17, 2006

Grade J Wine: Prison and (Non-Catholic) Schools

Why hasn't the government come up with a rating system for wine yet? Grade A, B, C -- this would be great. "If it works for meat, it works with booze" -- Winston Churchill. If we're going to have spend billions of dollars on crap with our taxes, can't we at least be sure to get good wine for our money?

I bring this up because if you're cooking a recipe at 10pm, forgot to get white wine, and the grocery store has closed, you're screwed in The Dorf. First I go to the corner "Drink Hall" -- closed. How do you close a booze store before 10 on a Friday when there are adult video stores within 3 blocks? Because I'm pretty sure their customers don't shop early. So, bewildered, I went to the kiosk near the train station, which I knew was open since German law requires 50% of passengers to drink. Apparently their wines are from Sonny and Fredo Gallo -- violently, stupidly bad. On the bright side, it was expensive. But at least I now have dry white wine for my soup!

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