Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Joe Don Baker is ... Mittens

I've been a bit recalcitrant in blogging, and lest you think it's because of work, women or anything else, it's because I'm lazy. To tide you over, here are some quotes from "Mitchell", possibly the best of the MST3000's. It stars Joe Don Baker as a drunk, shiftless cop in the 70s.

Mitchell: "You want something to drink? what do you got? beer, vodka, beer. do you like 'em half empty? some of 'em got cigarettes in them."

In reference to Mitchell's hooker (only in the 70s!): "She was going to smell like beer sooner or later."

Mitchell, when watching his drink being poured: "Keep it coming, i'm a big boy"
Mitchell, on what to drink: "Scotch -- i usually take it with a ding dong in it, but ok"
... "i like to top off my beer drinking with another beer -- it's like dessert."
... "Booze and i are buying a house together..."

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