Sunday, January 14, 2007

"Art" Exhibit

Imagine the two jackasses above jumping up and down as if on imaginary pogo sticks. As they bounce, they each say "no!" on every bounce. They're not in sync, so there's essentially a continual barrage of "no"s coming from these TVs (both roughly 25in or so). Set this on an endless loop, title it "Double No" and you've got yourself art. Or, as a viewer, you've just lost 30 seconds of your life.

The "artist", Bruce Nauman, had this to say about the piece (from the Tate Modern website):

‘Having people that are supposed to be amusing or humorous act in a violent way can add to the violence.... It’s like Japanese theatre. There is a mask, and having a figure behind the mask is more threatening than an angry person. Because there’s something you don’t know and you’re never going to find out.’

Other pieces in the exhibit included a video of a man playing with his own scrotum in slow motion ("bouncing balls"), a man smearing black ink/grease/something on his scrotum ("black balls"), the artist slowly smearing theater makeup on his face, a man walking slowly around a square on the ground.

But, you know, the 'dorf is the "Art City".

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