Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bizarre, Painful Dream

No, not the one where Lynsey says she's leaving me for Donald Rumsfeld. Last night I dreamed I was taking clothes out of the dryer, and a pair of pants had a leg inside out. Rather than use my hands to correct the problem, it seemed like a better idea to step into the pants leg. When I did, I heard a soft thump and then a meow. Looking down, the thump was a rather cubby mouse that had fallen from the pants leg. The meow, I realized a split-second later, was from the cat INSIDE the pants leg. I woke up to a stabbing pain in my foot. What's odd is that this is the first time I remember clearly feeling pain in my dream, rather than dreaming that I was in pain. My foot actually hurt when I woke up. Yes, I am crazy!

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Brent said...

I don't know if this means you're drinking too much or too little!