Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Der Amerikaner Politik

So, my German lesson this morning ended with us chatting at first in German, then, more fluently, in English about Hilary. My teacher thinks that 2 years is enough time for America to stop hating Hilary. I say it's just a bit shy of the required time. Based on my Texas friends' opinions of her, male and female, conservative and liberal (imported in vacuum-packed bags to preserve freshness), I'd say the time to acceptance will be a bit longer.

When my parents were growing up, every summer was marked by a looming fear and even hatred of polio. 30 years later, it was a distant memory. When I was a kid, Commie was a dirty word. Today, being communist is kitschy, like watching the Brady Bunch or believing that Iraq had a part in 9/11. I believe that in a mere 20 years, Hilary will have a legitimate shot at being palatable to mainstream America. After all, Nixon kept running for President from 1904 until winning in 1972 (campaign slogan, "Don't make me kiss another baby"), a record that even Ross Perot was unable to break.

Seriously, I just don't understand the irrational hatred that Hilary engenders. I'm not her biggest fan, but so many people just despise her. My teacher thinks it's because she looks so unhappy. I decided not to say why I thought she looked so unhappy. Anyone who can enlighten me, I'd love to hear it...


Casey said...

Hill is smoke -- devoid of substance, twisting and bending to fit the situation and audience at hand; and mirrors -- precisely angled by political, social, and sprititual advisors.

She reeks of political expediency and inane partisan posturing, and I didn't think either of those actions could actually smell.

She is a snake-oil saleswoman and the 'progressive' public that elects her to run a country will get precisely what it deserves.

Brent said...

Casey... you're so wishy-washy, just tell us what you really think.

I'm reserving judgement. At this point I don't know each candidate's postions on specific topics. She certainly does have the experience to run the country in my point of view (unlike someone else who is somehow everyone's darling somehow).