Monday, February 12, 2007

Music Ratings

Ugh. Nothing guarantees an extra star quite like following a song i HATE on iTunes. Take "Worried Man Blues" from the Johnny Cash "Live At Madison Square Garden" CD -- I despise this song like Dick Cheney hates freedom of the press. For a good 5-10 songs after it comes up on iTunes, each song gets at least a 1 star boost. Ugh. I'm fairly certain every song on "My Top Rated" that I don't really like was rated after a dog like this lurking in my playlist.

Now, you're asking a) what do I care? and b) why not delete "Worried Man Blues" (WMB) and its god-fucking-awful compatriots in the 9th circle of iTunes hell? Well, because that would eliminate the immediate, near-orgasmic burst of non-WMB music after i skip to the next song and it also gives hope to all the other crappy songs in the playlist. The way I see it, each shitty song languishes, hoping for an extra star. And they all point to WMB or another dog (and there are some dogs in there, let me tell you) as proof that they're not the worst. In short, I'm giving hope to all the other crappy songs in the playlist.

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