Wednesday, April 18, 2007

2007 Official Sports Stereotypes

Since we can't all follow all sports, i've decided to save everyone time and give you a short rundown of the officially approved stereotypes of the various men's sports. Feel free to use these in everyday speech!

Tennis: Europeans with funny pants. And maybe Andre Agassi.
NBA: Tall black men that start fights, listen to hip hop and aren't as good as Michael, Magic & Larry
NHL: Stocky white men that start fights, go on strike and have no teeth
MLB: Steroid-pumping, overpaid whiners
NFL: Criminals coached by men that should wear sports bras, and that guy in all the commercials
Soccer: Whiny Europeans that act as if they've lost a leg when they're touched
Nascar: Rednecks with more sponsors than brain cells
Cycling: Lance Armstrong and all those guys on steroids
Ice Skating: Will Ferrell & Napoleon Dynamite

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