Monday, August 06, 2007

Mmmmm... Paris

I'm going to blatantly steal an idea from Steve (and, really, every other blogger) and talk about food. Everyone knows I love to eat good food, and I indulged that love in Paris over the weekend. Some might say overindulged, but i was able to walk after each meal. barely.

First up, Friday dinner at Chez Michel: I had the prix fixe menu, which was a bit of a mystery due to my non-existent french. Here's what I THINK I had:

Pre-Appetizer & drinks: A great, dark local brew and some snails with mustard on the side. These were very different from the escargot I'd had -- not much flavor. But the beer and wine (later) were great.

Appetizer: This was the big mystery. I think it was pigeon breast stuffed with foie gras, sausage & other meats. There were chantrelles on the side (in the jar) in some sort of vinegar marinade that tickled the tongue nicely. Very tasty all around, though very heavy for an appetizer.

Main Course: Some sort of white fish with a tomato-red & gold bell pepper sauce and an olive puree on top. Really, really tasty.

Dessert: The coup de grace -- an apricot tart with basil sorbet. Yo yo ma! This was pretty amazing. the pastry was perfect, and the basil sorbet was perfect with the tart -- not too sweet, but soooooo good.


Steve said...

DAMN YOU!! I'm filled to the gills with jealousy. Ok. Now I have to go to Paris Texas and blog about the DQ Dude and Blizzard I'll have.

jtingermany said...

I keep telling you to visit! And in Belgium they have great food AND great Belgian beer. Plus the sweatpants for the Summer of Steve are more appropriate for the weather here.