Monday, October 15, 2007

Dining Marrakech: Place Djemaa El Fnaa

I figured my first night in Marrakech I needed to hit the main square -- plenty of grilled goodies and exotic treats. To start, I filled up my water bottle with fresh OJ and hit the snail soup stand.

Julia made me promise that if I ate a sheep's head, I would get pictures. Here you go:

Rather than deprive myself of the grilled goodies on display, I went with the 1/4 head. Quite a bit of surreptitious hacking later, and I was presented with this:

I had no idea there was so much variety in a sheep's head. Though the flavors were all about the same -- kind of like mutton, though the spice mix they gave was quite tasty. The worst part was the weird thin pieces of cartilage or something at the back of the photo. I prefer not to think about their origin. But the two cooks were proud of me for finishing it:

Next up was the main course -- grilled meats, and plenty of them. I started with the mixed Moroccan salad, which was bland and horrible. Even the feral cats ignored it. The grilled eggplant was extra tasty, though.

Marinated chicken, kefta (spiced ground lamb), lamb chunks, red bell pepper -- all damn fine.

Final verdict? A

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