Sunday, October 07, 2007


Due to planning for the trip to Morocco and going on said trip, the blog has been backseated (backsat was tempting but didn't seem correct). I'm hoping to do a day-by-day blog of the trip, but i wouldn't hold your breath on that. To tide you over, here's my rant on french-arabic keyboards:

what kind of moron separates the open and closed parentheses by 5 keys? And do the french really use the power of two more than the period? All you francophiles (poor bastards) can bitch about the decline of the language, culture, etc. but these jackass keyboards are at least partially culpable. The question mark requires the shift key, but the squared key (there isn't one on us keyboards) and exclamation point don't. And did they have to hide the M key? grrrrrr....

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