Sunday, October 14, 2007

Morocco: Day 1, Agadir

Sunset from my balcony

Anti-Atlas Mountains at sunset

Photos from my first day in Morocco are at shutterfly. Lots of firsts: first trip to Africa, 1st time in a muslim country, etc. But it went well. Agadir is popular with tourists for its beaches, but there's not much here. Especially when you wait an hour at the airport for the bus driver to get his act together.

What should have been an omen of panhandling to come: finally get out of the airport, to be surrounded by guys asking which bus I was looking for, where I was going, etc. Though they weren't keen on helping with bags -- they just wanted to point out the correct bus in return for a euro or two. Of course, since the numbers were on the front of the buses, I relied on 30+ years of experience with numbers to find 34. It was tough, but I did it.

After a 30 min ride to the city, I watched the sunset from my balcony then went for a bite to eat. Since this was just after dark, the streets were EMPTY -- like a New Orleans church on Fat Tuesday. Everyone was eating, since my trip fell smack in the middle of Ramadan. I arrived at the restaurant just after they finished their meals, and they were thrilled to see me (who wouldn't be?). More on the meal soon.

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