Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Watching: Walk The Line

So I finally got around to watching the Johnny Cash biopic. It was pretty good, though not as good as I'd been told. Let's be honest about these movies about famous singers/athletes/celebrities: they're not "Gandhi", they're just movies about some drunk/high singer. At this point, the whole overcoming-addiction-stemming-from-childhood-trauma is great and all, but it's been done. In spite of the story, it's well-done. The acting & directing are good, and it's fun to see Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, etc. as cameos. Speaking of which, just how lucky were the people who saw Johnny Cash, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis & Roy Orbison in the same concert? That's like the '93 Lollapalooza for my grandparents (though I'd kill to see it, too).

Grade: B-

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