Sunday, November 25, 2007

No More Snacking Before Bed

Like most people, my dreams tend to be riffs on what's happening in my life or what's on my mind. Every now and then, my subconscious feels the need to flush out its system and I get a bizarre, out-of-nowhere dream. Like this morning.

Mom, dad & I are watching TV. It's possibly the worst nature show ever, just a camera watching some British (in the dream it was clear to me the thing was from England) carnivore eat various smaller animals. It looked kind of like a cat, but had paws that were good and grasping and holding squirming animals. But there was no blood, just crunching noises. Anyway, at some point we start arguing over exactly what it's eating now. Dad thought it was a mouse, but I said, "no, it's a mole -- you can tell by the feet" (which were dangling from its mouth at the time). Dad said that either way, it was cool (not a typical Dad comment), and I said, "not if it's your bag the parts are dropping onto." At this point it was no longer TV and this thing is in the living room, placidly chowing down, liberally spilling rodent chunks onto my gym bag. As it was time for my workout, I went over, picked up the bag, shook off the parts, and headed out, cursing disgustedly. This is the point I woke up.

I'm thinking this was random mental garbage, but just to be safe, I'm cutting out the midnight snacks for a while.

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