Friday, February 08, 2008

2008 Travels, Trip 1: Luxembourg and Metz
Traveling to Luxembourg is like a Houstonian going to Dallas -- it's cleaner, the people are cooler, and I wish I lived there. Alas, I am but a traveler in Europe's wealthiest "country" (argue the quote marks after you've been there). This time, however, we decided to take a sidetrip to Metz! Why Metz? To help a friend of a friend move a fridge (and an oven, washing machine, bed, and desk). Why does he need help? Because he's on the fifth floor and is unable to help carry his own appliances!

However, one can only move so many items before feeling the need for culture. Metz, in addition to strangers needing unoffered help in moving, also has a cathedral.

Notre Dame? Nope, just the interior of the Metz cathedral. I'm betting the architects of each met for coffee.

And what cathedral would be complete without a statue of a man stroking his beard?

The real highlight, as any art history major or homeless post-modernist art critic can tell you, is the series of Marc Chagall stained glass windows. They are, in a rare departure from most post-1950 art, quite beautiful. The colors and shapes bring forth a feeling of... sorry, felt myself slipping into art historian bullshitter mode. Just go to for all the pics.


Leigh said...

Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos! I am a fan of Chagall. Leigh K.

Anonymous said...

He's not stroking his beard. He's stabbing a bird that has taken up residence. Brent

Jules said...

I would argue the opposite about a Houstonian going to Dallas....I've never, ever wanted to live in Dallas.

jtingermany said...


You sound like a Gary, Indiana resident who doesn't want to live in Chicago.