Monday, February 25, 2008

And They Wonder Why the Kosovars Want to Break Up

For some reason, after spending most of the last decade and a half trying to kill or rape every man, woman, child and dog in Kosovo, the Serbians can't understand why Kosovo declared independence. Perhaps these tidbits might clue them in:

'Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic, said: "Those scenes that we saw are regrettable. The Serbian government has repeated time and time again that any solution to the Kosovo problem -- other than peaceful and mutually accepted a compromise solution -- would lead to instability in the region. Unfortunately, this fell on deaf ears." "
-- They're not deaf, jackass. You just carved them off during your "cleansing".

'Nikola Jovanovic, a political writer for the newspaper Blic, said two floors of the embassy were burned. He estimated about 50 people, including 15 police officers, were injured.
"You could say the American embassy is trashed in this protest," he said.'
-- Zing! Nice line. I'm sure witty bon mots such as this really get the crowds going at the hate rallies and unemployment lines.

My favorite, though, is:
Kostunica, who earlier addressed the peaceful rally, said "Kosovo is Serbia's first name."
-- He followed it up by saying, "And I would rather dismember my first name than live with it peacefully.

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