Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mmmmm... Dublin

When I went to Dublin, I expected every pint of Guinness to be amazing. This was quickly held up by my first pint. Unfortunately, this is a myth. Guinness is not better in Dublin -- it's better at SOME pubs in Dublin. I did my part as your investigative blogger and found that roughly half of the pubs you see serve the same Guinness you get in Dallas or the 'dorf. As usual, pics at

What else is there in Dublin? Rain, obviously. A nice little river and lots of old buildings.

They have Trinity College, which was founded to save the Irish from 'popery'. That didn't quite work out, but it does have a nifty college seal (which must be intact for transcripts to be official).

Because so many tourists are from countries that drive on the RIGHT side of the road, the Dublin police felt it necessary to add these helpful tips at EVERY crossing.

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