Saturday, April 19, 2008

Try Not To Be Too Disappointed

While the sale of Citi Germany plows forward (based on the "no news is good news" theory), my Summer of Fun will have to wait. Rather than allowing us to take advantage of one of the 3 holiday weekends in May, the powers-that-be have decided to have me work on each of them. This means the hoped-for (by me) trip back to Texas will be delayed until the fall, at the earliest. On the bright side, this way I don't have to worry about overindulging in mexican food.

Any complaints can be mailed to Vik Pandit, Citi CEO.


Sean Bibby said...

your boss's name = a porn name

Steve said...

This is your official Cease and Desist order. The term "Summer of" is an internationally registered trademark of King Wally Productions LLC a wholey owned subsidiary of Wallagio Entertainment Corp which is itself a wholey owned subsidiary of Sheinhardt Wigs.