Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ahhhh... Paris

Other than Bologna, Paris is the only city I've stayed in all 3 years I've been in Europe. Each trip has been very different, the first being the big group Grand Tour, the second a short weekend to myself, and this one was about the French Open. I've seen most of the major sights (and all the ones I "must" see), and so this time Scott and I could just hang out at the tournament during the day and enjoy the food, drink and scene at night. Photos, as always, at ("Paris May 2008" album).

Unfortunately, Paris isn't the most convenient city at night. Subways stop at midnight, and cabs are rarer than finding someone who pines for the Occupation. On the other hand, forgetting to bring a map is a good incentive to see a bit more of the city than you'd planned. After midnight.

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