Thursday, July 17, 2008


So, Citi announced on Friday that Credit Mutuel won the bidding with Deutsche Bank (apparently almost $8 BILLION in CASH is better than $7 billion in cash, stock and a second-round CEO pick to be named later). What does this mean? Well, first, I won't be getting my Summer of George -- no severance. They guaranteed no reductions in force for 22 months. Which is great for my job security, not so great for my plans to tour southeast asia, wear sweatpants, and play Frolf.

The good news is that since they don't have many (any?) people that do what I do (surf the net and write a snarky, barely-read blog), this could be room to grow into Eastern Europe (mmmm... hotness) or France (mmmmm... cheese-eating surrender monkeys).

I'll keep you posted. If you're in Texas and are wondering why I'm not moving back, ask yourself, "What would Jesus do if he were in a recession and had a job that guaranteed almost 2 years of work plus unsurpassed health and unemployment benefits?" Of course, Pat Robertson would answer, "I'd go beat the hell out of some gays and poor people. Jesus hates them the most." But I think Big J would enjoy Europe and save mankind a bit later. But that's just me.


Steve said...

Since your company doesn't have many who do what WE do, "(surf the net and write a snarky, barely-read blog)", that begs the question, "are you guys hiring????".

jtingermany said...

i'll check. we might need someone to help us capitulate