Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Does It Double As Cologne?

Time had an article last week on a German man frustrated with the fit of his condom (he probably shouldn't have gone for the "boot cut"). His solution? Surprisingly, it wasn't to require rules for all German men to be registered by penis size, but it was to create a spray-on condom from liquid latex and common hardware. How did it feel? "I felt a little like MacGyver" (hopefully that wasn't from using duct tape at some point).

The catch? It takes two to three minutes to dry, which for many men is enough time for them to leave & start trying to have sex with someone else. He wants to get this down to a few seconds, since he believes that condom application should take less time than the actual act.

In the meantime, he's marketing an online set of variable size condoms. Online because men apparently aren't keen on saying "I'd like a pack of your smallest condom, please" to a convenience store clerk. Though his claim that "Men on the Web, they are very honest" doesn't match what my friends that have tried online dating have said.

Thanks to Nicole for the heads-up on the article!

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