Thursday, September 11, 2008

I WIN!!!

Surprise parties are not easy, especially when planned from afar. But because I'm just so awesome (or lucky, reports vary), I pulled off TWO within 24 hours.

My dad turned 65 last week (date withheld for security reasons), and didn't know I was coming to Dallas (much like some of you). The plan was for the other two Wemyssi to go with me to Nac in my craptacular rental car (post coming soon!) and surprise Dad at dinner. Mom, Carin & Noah distracted him and delayed eating as long as possible until we arrived. When we finally showed up, I walked in first and the look on Dad's face was priceless -- utter nonrecognition. He looked me square in the eye and resumed eating. Then Noah got up to see me, at which point Dad looked up again and recognized Chad and Courtney and started beaming. FINALLY, he realized that the potential pederast hugging his grandson was, in fact, me. To be fair, I was wearing a new shirt.

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