Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beatdown 2008 -- Closing Soon!

My self-imposed voting deadline is tomorrow, and so I've been trying to decide on my selections for US Senate, Congress and the State Board of Education (I don't vote in local or state elections when I'm abroad -- I make an exception for SBOE because I think they're morons). Sitting through the first Senate debate was tough. While the candidates actually answered questions, the inclusion of the Libertarian really was odd -- Noriega and Cornyn almost completely ignored her. Of course, her claim that the instead of the bailout plan, what was needed was LESS regulation. This incredibly illogical statement was left unchallenged by her opponents. Of course, she answered every question the same way -- the free market will solve all problems. Riiiiight.

Libertarians are not doing well with me in this election -- their candidate for State Board of Education has ZERO information about herself on the web. Ugh.

Congress is a moot point -- the Republican is running against a former Democrat who apparently isn't recognized by the party. Good times.

Either way, tomorrow means the election becomes an academic issue for me. Woo hoo!

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