Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eating Paris Part I

I had the best intentions to go all French for the first time in a trip to Paris (don't ask how many I've made, it'll just piss you off), but while trying to find the dinner place to make a reservation (they apparently don't answer le phone), I found myself surrounded by tibetan restaurants. The Latin Quarter now has a distinctly Himalayan feel. So, I decided to try one.

I went for the prix fixe menu and had a toasted barley soup for an appetizer (or "entreé" as they say). It was good, but nothing special (notwithstanding the menu's attestations to the contrary). It had a unusual flavor, but the mysterious meat (yak?) at the bottom was tough and flavorless (like Joe Biden).

The main course was samosas (or gallettes, and yes, it might be misspelled) filled with herbed, cooked ground beef. Tasty, especially with the herby side that was kind of like a chimichurri sauce. Tasty, but I didn't whip out the laptop for instant blogging. The house rosé went nicely with it.

For dessert I went with the homemade yoghurt. This was very tasty stuff. Easily the best I've ever had, my doubts about it as a dessert. Those doubts were misplaced. mmmmm... good.

I'll post tomorrow about dinner. It was quite tasty. And french.

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Steve said...

Thanks to the headline, I was half way through this article when I realized it was not written by the son of a Greek shipping magnate. Plus there were no night-vision pix.