Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I Respect Spite Sickness

So, I probably shouldn't have cackled so maniacally to Scott about our luck in being able to head to Paris for a night. We thought it was quite hilarious to imagine our friends' reactions when they heard we'd gone to the City of Lights and done nothing but eat, drink and see Jimmy Buffet.

Apparently the God of Texas Residents didn't think this was so funny and s/he smote me with a bit of Mitterrand's Revenge (true to French form, he capitulated after 24 hours of harsh "resistance").

Have I learned my lesson? Not so much. I am off again next weekend to see Sheila (aka Cougar No. 2) before she heads to Africa to help The Man. Will I taunt or just be thankful for my good fortune? Do you need to ask?

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