Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Let's Not Go Overboard

Worst headline of the day: "Analysis: Next up after Obama win, governing". No shit, Sherlock. That's one the AP apparently keeps ready every 4 years.

Yes, I'm thrilled that Obama will be the President (and even more thrilled that we have at least 4 years guaranteed of NOT having Palin as Pres). But he must deal with the looming specter of a Democratic Congress. They showed all the good sense of a pack of retarded monkeys when Bill Clinton was elected, can they do better now? Sure, Ted Kennedy isn't there, but they still have to contend with Pelosi's rants and the Dem's natural inclination to screw up a good thing.

I'm just happy that with the election over, the economy is fixed, we've withdrawn from Iraq, are friends with Iran, have ended our dependence on Middle East oil and can get back to watching "America's Worst Acne" on Fox.

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seanlb said...

dude, i still can't believe it.