Saturday, January 31, 2009

St. Mark Titus, Patron Saint of Benchwarmers

So, you're the 12th man on the Ohio State basketball team. Do you:
1) Give it your all and hope that coach likes your hustle (which makes it so hard to cut you)
2) Sit back and hope that some of the starting five's rejected groupies realize that big, semi-athletic white guys look good through beergoggles
3) Write a blog about your experiences

Fortunately, he went with 3) (maybe also 1 & 2, it's hard to say). And so, Club Trillion was born. Here's a tidbit from his Super Bowl preview:

From what I've heard about the man, Kurt Warner used to work at a grocery store where he would return misplaced items to their original spot on the shelf. Basically, all those times you suddenly decided you didn't want the value pack of Fla-Vor-Ice because it's so freaking hard to open those things and you thought setting them down in the cereal aisle wouldn't be that big of a deal, you made Kurt Warner's life a little bit more miserable. So miserable, in fact, that he decided to go out and become a two-time MVP and a Super Bowl champion. It's the kind of rags to riches story Club Trillion likes to dream about. And, honestly, if you can't cheer for a guy who used to have to alphabetize the canned goods because his boss was a little too irrational, then you are either a Steelers fan or a Commie. I'm not even sure which is worse.


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