Thursday, February 05, 2009

2008 Wrap-Up

It didn't seem like it at the time, but '08 was fairly packed for me. My plan of at least 1 trip per month bloomed into far more, and along the way I had a few laughs.

Best Trip: While the Christmas trip was a blast, I have to say Bibione in May. Good ultimate, great friends and Venice in sunny weather -- it didn't suck. Side benefit -- I was in fine form as team

Worst Trip: Always a tough one, though no actual bad trips this year.

Best Books: "World War Z", "Legacy of Ashes", and "Ballad of The Whiskey Robber"

Worst Books: "Dr. Zhivago", Wuthering Heights" -- I'll be flossing with razor wire before I reread these dogs.

Best Moment in Retrospect That Sucked At The Time: Running at 2am through the streets of Cesky Budejovice to avoid an unearned ass-kicking.

Weirdest Conversation: Hearing a stranger explain why he and his pal had to travel from Amsterdam to Prague to indulge in hookers.

Best Beer: The dark from the Strahov brewery in Prague. Fabulously tasty.

Best Movie: The Dark Knight -- edges out all the Oscar noms from last year that I saw.

Worst Movie: The crappy Demi Moore flick showing on the flight. Ugh.

Best Meal: At the Drogheria Della Rosa in Bologna, a fabulous steak with balsamic reduction. Molto Bene!

Best Dish: The pumpkin-filled pasta the previous night in Bologna.

Best Election: Too bad it was 8 years too late.


seanlb said...

way to go on actually blogging more this year. i have you in my google reader, so i always catch the latest posts.
(check out my newest @ )

and i think we all know why you liked "Bibione" so much. i mean "Bibby" "Bibione" "Bibby". too similar.

also of note is that the word verification for this comment is "prosista"

Albert said...

Wuthering Heights:
Ive read that book back in High School. Not fan either. I think that they should clarify "classics" further with comments like: "like a chick flick"

Albert said...
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