Sunday, February 01, 2009

Aussie Open: Live(ish) Blogging 1st Set

9:30 Mmmmm... scrambled eggs with roasted garlic and gouda with a side of bacon is a tasty way to start the day. One needs well-toughened arteries to watch a Fed-Nadal tumble.

9:52 I'm betting Federer's coach probably didn't tell him, "Hey, Roger, why don't you let Rafa break you in the first game of the match?" It's a bold strategy, Cotton.

10:03 And one that might pay off, since Nadal just fought off an assload-1 of break points in his first service game. This surface is weird. It looks like the US Open hardcourts, but it's playing very slowly.

10:04 JFC, these guys can play. They just gave each other escorted tours of the area behind the woodshed on their next service games.

10:16 It's always nice to win a game with your second ass. I'm thinking the German that decided that "the ace" was going to be either "das Ass" or "der Crack" either was a complete smartass or should've learned more colloquial English before becoming a translator.

10:26 "Holding serve" doesn't seem very popular with the kids today.

10:41 I really, really, really despise the Kia Soul. Seeing its goofy ads at EVERY commercial break is quite a beatdown.

10:47 Why is Federer running around his backhand? That's twice he's lost big points by putting himself in horrid position to hit a mediocre forehand.

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