Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tu Permanezca Elegante, México!

If there's one group of people I truly despise, it's the Mexican national soccer team. Time and again, these jackholes prove their "mettle" against the USA. Case in point:

Check out Rafa Marquez around the 2:34 point of this video -- nice. Nothing quite says, "I'm a sore loser" like a karate kick. It would be unfair to single him out for a rare, one-time punk move. That's why you should look at:

At the 2:20 mark (Marquez has some issues at the middle of the third minute of YouTube replays), he displays his signature move.

However, acting like a punk bitch isn't limited to the Mexican field players. Their keeper in this match? Oswaldo Sanchez. Best known in the USA for overreacting to a celebration by Eddie Johnson.
How did Mexico's coaches react? As you would expect. With the same class and sportsmanship we would expect. -- to quote Homer Simpson, "Perfect teeth. Nice smell. A class act, all the way."

Still, 3 points, baby!

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Chad W said...

Watching the WC2002 hilights made me realize two things: First, I remembered just how incredible a goalie Friedel really was. Freakin amazing. And second, we have no one, NO ONE, on the team right now who can make a cross like Eddie Lewis.
My favorite two words in a USA-Mexico match? Tarjeta Rojo.