Thursday, March 26, 2009

Loooooonnnne Starrrrrrrr

So, I'm at the local Getränk Tempel (seriously, that's the name) and in the foreign beer "section" (really a plastic shelving unit the size of a large CD rack), what do I see but Lone Star? Now, in Nacogdoches, it's $1.50 per long neck at the bars. Here? 1.69 Euro. That works out to about $2.25 per funky bottle. After the novelty wore off, I realized the 0.79 Euro half-liters of Augustiner probably would've been the smarter move.


Brent said...

A yes, the beer made with pure artesian spring water! I want one now! Not the best beer for sure, but surely the best for around a campfire.

seanlb said...

so good. i'm in NZ now and I would kill a puppy with my bare hands for a Lone Star.