Monday, March 16, 2009

Make Sure You Retain King Viki!

As one of his employers, I have to say that VikiP did not, in my estimation, warrant $10M in compensation this year. Since the stock dropped 80% on his watch (and, yes, part of that WAS his fault -- Old Lane's $1B implosion was all him), I am scared to think what he will earn once it turns around, even slightly. The best part is that the retarded spider monkeys on the Board covered this as a "Retention Bonus" -- like companies are lining up to hire VikiP.

However, I'm nothing if not a fair man. I have an easy solution to this and other CEO pay issues. I will Rochambeau them for the choice between our compensation packages*. Since their compensation is higher, though, I get to go first. An explanation of the rules of "Rochambeau":

*Heh. I said "package".

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