Thursday, March 19, 2009

NCAA Musings, Day 1

-- So, your team is down by 4 and you have a 2-on-2 break. You get the ball on the wing with a man ready to draw a charge. Do you:
a) Drive to the hole strong and show this chump who's boss
b) Drive for two steps, then change your mind to miss a lame pull-up attempt while still making contact
c) Pull-up for a jumper off the glass, Tim Duncan-style

If you picked anything other than c), hopefully you took your team photo before the game, because you're headed home.

-- - I gotta say, if your team is running the EXACT same offense as my high school team and CALLING IT BY THE SAME NAME, ("Flex"), you're probably not Final Four material. Then again, you might avoid Donelson Christian Academy and be ok.

-- When did Don Draper start announcing college hoops?

-- This is the first time I've ever seen two hispanic guys on the court at the same time in an NCAA game. Maryland-Cal, breaking down barriers!

-- Not sure which team is winning when you tune in late? The one with guys fouling out, then crying probably is wishing they'd taken advantage of the early checkout at the Marriott.

-- Nice to see the Law of Conservation of Greatness isn't restricted to ultimate.

-- Some people will argue, but I think it's great that CBS isn't allowed to discriminate against announcer candidates on the basis of being a fucking moron.

-- If this second game of the night were any sloppier, it'd be on Skinemax. Snap!

-- Am I the only one that expects the announcers to follow "ISAIAH THOMAS" with "signs an overrated big man to a 10-year, cap-killing contract!"

-- Obama publishing his bracket is cool, but can't he issue an executive order eliminating the possession arrow?

-- Wow, Washington-Mississippi State should have a 6-drink minimum to watch. I didn't realize there was a "Fugly" portion of the bracket.

-- To continue beating a dead horse, when your announcing partner says, with genuine surprise in his voice, "Good point" midway through the second half, you might want to consider a career change.


Chad W said...

SFA - Syracuse at 11:15 eastern... and at least a 20% chance the player will let the video through the firewall here at work.
I'm rooting for SFA... Sadexcuse has cost me waaaay too much money on brackets over the past two decades.


jtingermany said...

Sadexcuse (love the name!) is behind only UConn on my NCAA shitlist. Fing Boeheim.

I just realized the ability to change games is cut off during commercials. It's free, so I can't whine too much.

Steve said...

I didn't know you were a college basketball fan. I thought you were smarter than that.

cycoictu -- the puzzled look your shitzu makes as he/she watches you "make love" to someone you dragged home after last call.