Friday, March 20, 2009

NCAA Musings, Day 2

7:05pm -- SFA is getting hammered (like me!), so I switch to cheer for one of my upset picks (like the Sports Guy, I have to pick any team whose coach is named Bone). I'm just not sure if we're seeing two great point guards -- I need at everything repeated at least 5 times before I'll believe it.

7:17pm -- First off, it's not ironic that the Kansas center is playing in Minneapolis just because he's from Minnesota. If he'd been heavily recruited by NDSU or was playing UofMN, fine. Next, WTF with Aldrich's free throws? It's like he's doing the Elaine at the line. He's more than earning back whatever whiteness he loses with each monster dunk.

7:18 pm -- I take it back. He's whiter than Rush Limbaugh in a mayonnaise factory. ZING!

7:29pm -- Could CBS be in further up the NCAA's ass? I've watched 2 full games and parts of 6 others and have yet to see a SINGLE replay of a sketchy call. And if it's a dunk, it's not a "tip". I hope these announcers coughed up a lot in whichever charity auction they must've won.

7:55pm -- Reading "America: The Book" between games and this discussion question came up: "Have you ever founded anything? If so, is it something that went on to become a global superpower? If not, why not?" Yes, the Drunken Lemurs. And no, because of the fing airline price gouging last summer. Need proof of the Lemurs' existence?

8:38pm -- It's a good thing codipshit Verne Lundquist finds Bill Rafftery funny. Of course, I've never found the Flapper Generation sense of humor all that funny.

8:44pm -- Not sure if you know this, but Wolverine's got a movie coming out. I'm assuming it's a sequel to his Oscar hosting job?

8:47pm -- What can Brown do for me? Hire a new ad agency.

9:21pm -- Does Bill Gates write these crappy marketing campaigns himself, or is it Ballmer's fault? Though I think Activia should steal this as comedy gold.

9:28pm -- THIS is why I don't like doing brackets. As a sports atheist, I like cheering for whomever strikes my fancy in any particular game/match/duel. But as soon as I put $10 down, i either feel guilty about cheering for the 14 seed or like I'm selling out by cheering for the 3 seed. This admission, and the feelings behind it, would probably make LB happier than anything I ever wrote for her (if she read this).

9:38pm -- Apparently the director of the Temple-ASU game didn't get the "don't show referree errors" memo. The refs have screwed Temple on at least 3 calls in the last five minutes.

9:46pm -- A 1v16 game tied with 12 minutes left?!? Why did i switch from this? Oh, right, the moron twins are announcing. Even British Super Bowl announcers aren't this craptacular.

10:10pm -- These IBM commercials make me wish Citi would do the same: I'm building a bigger office. I'm taking a bigger salarz. Citi -- making the mistakes bigger.

10:17pm -- I mean, c'mon, a sweater vest? A sweater vest? I hope someone at UPS is getting bribed or laid for approving this crap.

10:19pm -- If you're wondering which states require you to use a new plate when going back to the buffet, just ask Bob Huggins.

10:20pm -- Apparently, "let's go back to Greg Gumbel" is announcer-speak for "let's rewatch the same damn commercials."

12:15am -- 2 sets of games, The Office, 30 Rock, My Name is Earl -- this is my Best TV Day in Germany

12:17am -- Drca? Hasn't that UN shipment of vowels made it to Serbia yet?

12:47am -- Ok, beginning to slip. But that damn Microsoft commercial -- annoying kids AND annoying old people? Why not just have Gilbert Gottfried and call it a day?

1:14am -- Aaaaaaannnnddddd... we're done. Of course the 3rd games of the day are way better than the first. Stupid CET.


Steve said...

Now I'm just leaving comments so I can define the words in the verification text.

rooke - the castle looking piece in chess (Canadian)

Chad W said...

Pierma - central defender and lead flopper on Italy's 2006 world cup team.