Monday, March 30, 2009

NCAA Musings, Day 5 (8?)

9:15pm -- I realized that not only have I had my worst bracket performance ever but I also have yet to see a close game. After 3 years of no March Madness, this is like me going to one of the local "Mexican" restaurants after 8 months of being away from Texas -- absence makes the hoops heart (as well as the stomach) grow not just fonder but much more tolerant.

9:24pm -- At least the UPS dork lost his sweater vest, but he's still in desperate need of a new haircut. You'd think the constant stream of people asking him, "did you get a new toupee?" would tip him off to how craptacular it looks.

10:15pm -- Blowout games mean I get to surf for World Cup Qualifying results. I'm not at all happy that the US only managed a tie in El Salvador. JTinGermany soccer correspondent il Chaddissimo reports that the USA looked disinterested and pitiful, but that Sascha Klejstan's play for El Salvador (while wearing a USA jersey) was impressive.

11:30pm -- I don't want to tell OU it's business, but 2 shot attempts for their best player in the first half is a great way to ensure getting to watch the Final Four from Norman, OK instead of Ford Field in Detroit.

12:52am -- Oof. Yet another crap game. How do Duke fans feel about UNC buying the rights to Christian Laettner's cryogenically-stored body? I guess as long as "Tyler" doesn't step on anyone, they're ok with it. Quick trivia: Laettner was the reason I stopped being a Duke fan. He really, really, really annoyed the crap out of me.

1:00am -- OU had damn well better make a game out of this if they're going to fan tease with an 11 point run.

1:01am -- Comedy gold!

1:02am -- Jim Nantz is a little too excited about Villanova's win over Pitt.

1:14am -- Hmmmmm ... should probably crash so I'm not a cranky asshat at work tomorrow.


Chad W said...

Wow... thanks for linking the Portman video, I'd forgotten just how AWESOME that was.

jtingermany said...

I'd never seen it, but liked it a lot.