Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Really? You're Sure, Einstein?

Tonight at the gym, I'd finished my workout and was in my pre-shower attire of a towel & flip-flops (this look is all the rage in Milan and Paris). I realized I'd forgotten to take off my glasses, so I tried to open my locker with my card. Nothing. I try the one next to it, since all lockers look alike. Nothing. I keep trying for a few minutes, mainly because I don't want to trudge up to the front desk in front of all the cardio machines in just a towel (and flip-flops), since this might present a dangerous distraction to the women (and a few of the men) running on treadmills.

Fortunately an employee comes in (to use the restroom, but I piss-blocked him), and returns 5 minutes later with ANOTHER employee and a new card. Employee #2 hands me my old card and informs me "Das ist defekt" -- Dankeschön! How did you figure that one out, Nancy Drew? Of course it's defective -- THAT'S WHAT "my card doesn't work" MEANS. You fucking deutsch dolt! He gives me a day card and my old card, informing me "you can get a new card later" -- I assume he means after a shower and clothes, but it's Europe so he might mean in 2 weeks.

After my shower, I go upstairs to get my new card and leave. Employee #2 informs me it'll be 10Euro for a new card. As I'm trying to figure out to say GFY in German, Brainiac realizes I'm a bit annoyed. He gives me the international clerk look for, "don't worry, this one 's on me" and I walk out.

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