Sunday, April 12, 2009

Auditions For The Darwin Awards Have Started

Unfortunately for the woman in this video, her attempt to lock up an early Darwin award by jumping over the fence and then swimming across the moat to play with polar bears DURING FEEDING TIME wasn't quite successful. Zoo officials were able to rescue her, though she did leave the ambulance twice before leaving the zoo, "to make friends with those cute lions" and "show that the cobras were misunderstood and harmless."

Sorry for the German feed. The announcer is just giving "details" -- though no reason why this moron chose to interrupt dinner with the largest animal to regularly feed on humans. The people interviewed are interesting.

10-year-old boy (0:23) - "I saw this crazy woman jump in and get bitten. It was AWESOME."
74-year-old woman (0:29) - "I haven't witnessed anyone risking death so stupidly since my uncle wore a yellow star on his coat on April Fool's in 1944."

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