Sunday, April 05, 2009

German Word Of The Day: Steinbrennenfreude

Definition: The enjoyment of watching a rival sports team be run into the ground through mismanagement, named after pioneering bumbler and owner of the New York Yankees, George Steinbrenner. For examples in other sports, please see the Oakland Raiders, the Dallas Cowboys, the Washington Redskins, the New York Knicks or the Mexican national team.


ChadW said...

As much as I don't prefer your primary example... it fits.

And WOO HOO!!! Now they'll bring in someone who "knows the players", which is nothing but good for the USofA. Hopefully the new guy will get the fired-for-cause on August 13th.

bulesti: Romanian for "fired after losing at home to your biggest rival, in a game which sees you knocked out of qualifying for the World Cup."

jtingermany said...

Yeah, Big Stein did really set the bar high here.

You know as painfull as it is I had to let a few people go over the years. Yogi Berra, Lou Pinella, Bucky Dent, Billy Martin, Dallas Green, Dick Houser, Bill Virdon, Billy Martin, Scott Marrow, Billy Martin, Bob Lemmon, Billy Martin, Gene Michael, Buck Showalter, … uh, tut!, . . .George, you didn't hear that from me.