Friday, April 17, 2009

Hells Angels Open 1st Pakistani Chapter

Lahore (JT) The Hells Angels biker gang officially kick started their first chapter in Pakistan. "We felt it was time, plus we just like being in Lahore. Heh. In addition, we're able to get much closer to our main heroin suppliers, the Taliban, which is important -- you always want to keep tight control of the supply chain," said spokesman Rosemont "Rosie" Smith. "It's just so great to see these guys with their beards ready to kick ass, sell drugs and stick it to the man. They're just so psyched to get into it -- they keep asking how they can come to America and help us really mix it up. I've never seen recruits with such a hard-on for taking on The Man."

According to local chapter head Maulana "Buster" Fazlullah, the new members planned to celebrate the chapter's opening by each marrying another teenage girl then "kick in the teeth of some asshole who thinks he's better than us because he can read and bathed this month."

Photo courtesy of the NY Times

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