Monday, April 13, 2009

MST4K Review

Like many of you, I mourned the loss of MST3K several years ago when the Sci-Fi Channel realized that ratings were creeping dangerously high. However, the gang has come back from their various solo projects (what non-media types call "jail time") to produce their trademark hilarity with far more current flicks -- Thanks to the magic of MP3s, the entire DVD oeuvre is open for mocking. How does it work? Play the MP3 at the same time you start the movie and you're gold. Every 10-15 minutes a robot voice will say a movie line to help you keep synchronized -- the same technology that Ashley Simpson uses during her "live" appearances.

I dove in with Iron Man -- hoping that its semi-ludicrous premise but high production values would produce comedy gold.

And it did. I can definitely recommend blowing $4 on some mocking comments during a movie. It's a bargain, since getting ME to make such comments costs $500+ and often leads to painful shushing from spouses.

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