Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Chat With Herr Officer Wiggumstein

On my way back from the Packstation (if you're not at home when the delivery man comes, DHL puts your package in a vending machine that's open 24 hours a day), I decided to cut through the back of the train station because, well, I'm lazy*. As I'm leaving, The MAN tells me to stop. Apparently the signs that I thought were promoting mother-child walks are designating pedestrian areas.

After the older of the two cops flirted with the two women in front of me (I have to admit, I liked the cut of his jib), he asked me where I was from, etc. From there, instead of getting a lecture on bike safety or learning signs, we had a rambling conversation about USA vs. Germany, retirement costs, blues music, racism in the USA justice system, the death penalty, Texas, and a range of other topics. Unfortunately, his shift ended before I could find out a) why the dorf has so many hot female cops and b) if he could introduce me to any.

But no 15 Euro ticket for riding through the pedestrian area!

* In my defense, I'd just finished doing a brutal leg workout, so it's more justified than my normal laziness.

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