Sunday, April 05, 2009


From JT's German Adventure

When historians finally write the history of German Indoor Ultimate*, they will look back and say, without hesitation or qualification, that the single greatest team in the annals of the 4th Open Indoor Division Ultimate was Frisbee Family Pempelfort from Düsseldorf. Doing what the New England Pats couldn't** and taking all comers, the team went 6-0 with the closest game being 2 points. How did it end? A break mark push pass by the team's resident overreactionary, JT.

As you can see from the photo of the team captain with the 1st place trophy***, it was so emotionally draining that there was none left for celebration. Also, he wanted to beat traffic back to the 'dorf.

* Lazy history PhD candidates need dissertation topics, too
** They're not based in Germany, dumbass
*** Note that it's throwing a scoober

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