Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Was The Mick Juicing?

I'm reading "Ball Four", Jim Bouton's 1970 personal history of a year in pro baseball, had this bombshell on page 47:

"Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford would go to other doctors sometimes and once Mantle got a vitamin shot from a quack who used an unsterile needle and almost missed a World Series game with a bleeding abscess on his hip."

Wasn't it everyone's favorite Jackass du YesterJour, Roger Clemens, that was getting vitamin B-12 shots in his hip? I tell you, all these Spankees are juicing. After the Bambino, it apparently became a tradition. Bastards.

Seriously, we castigate our current selection of athlete jackasses, but continue to lionize the drunk asshats of yesteryear. It's mind-boggling. Fortunately, my two favorite athletes of all-time, OJ Simpson and Wilt Chamberlain, are still paragons of virtue.

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