Thursday, April 16, 2009

You're a Friend, But Only In Small Doses

In a change from its normal policy of fluff reporting on such facile claptrap as Afghanistan, the Economy*, and the Knicks**, the New York Times has come out with some Woodward-and-Bernstein-style reporting on one of the major issues of our time -- Facebook and its new design. Not since the Red Menace has the USA been faced with a threat to our way of life to match the new Facebook. How can we survive in the face of this horror? The Times has an answer:

Ok, so it's too complicated for me to be bothered with summing up since it involves groups and possibly*** peyote. But, you know, don't live in fear. WOLVERINES!

* TARP requires me to capitalize the words "Economy", "Bailout", "Saint Geithner", and "Recovery".
** Yes, they still suck.
*** I didn't bother to read the whole article.

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